Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Creating Word Document Using App Engine!

Now, who's up for some ice cream? Yes, you've heard me.. for me Word Document is like an ice cream at least compare to text (.txt) document. Did you know that you can create a formatted word document from PeopleSoft using App Engine/PeopleCode? Just like creating Excel Document (discuss in my previous post Creating MS EXCEL Using CreateObject in PeopleSoft) I used the CreateObject PeopleCode Function to create Word Document. Note: I only tested this code thru NT Server.

&oWORD = CreateObject("COM", "Word.Application");
ObjectSetProperty(&oWORD, "Visible", True);

&oPara1 = &oWORD.Selection;
&oPara1.Style = "Heading 1";            
&oPara1.TypeText("Hello World ");
&oPara1.Font.Bold = True;
&oPara1.TypeText("Bold ");
&oPara1.Font.Bold = False;
&oPara1.Font.Italic = True;
&oPara1.TypeText("Italic ");
&oPara1.Font.Italic = False;
&oPara1.Font.Underline = True;
&oPara1.TypeText("Underline ");
&oPara1.Font.Underline = False;
&oPara1.Font.Name = "Arial";
&oPara1.TypeText("Arial ");
&oPara1.Font.Name = "Times Roman";
&oPara1.Font.Size = "16";
&oPara1.TypeText("Times Roman ");
&oPara1.Font.Size = "12";
&oPara1.TypeText("Example ");
&oPara1.Start = "50";
&oPara1.End = "59";
&oPara1.Font.Name = "Tahoma";


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